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However, In order to perfect this recitation we have to learn the rules of Tajweed and apply them. To read with Tajweed is to read the Quran with its proper grammar and pronounciation, slowly and steadily (Tartil) is the ultimate goal. With regard to the verse in which Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning): “and recite the Quran (aloud) in a slow, (pleasant tone and) style” [al-Muzzammil 73:4]f

Why is Tajweed so important?

Reading the Quran with Tajweed is important as it stops the tongue from making mistakes when reciting the words of Allah (SWT). The rules of Tajweed have maintained the correct Quran recitation even after all these years. Therefore, if we do not learn and use the rules of Tajweed then we are at risk of changing the meanings of the words and sentences in the Quran.

The benefits of learning Quran and Tajweed online

Final words

Tajweed is an important part of the Quran and it is important our children learn to understand it. Learning online is a very efficient innovative way of helping to achieve this for your children. Learn tajweed online with the The Quran Hour to get your children to learn to read the Quran in a very interactive and fun way.

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