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After-School Package

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The Quran Hour donates percentage of its proceedings to charities that help to fund education facilities in the Muslim world.

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After-School Package

2-5 weekly lessons

In this course, our goal is to give your child everything they would normally benefit from in classes in the Masjid on an ''express'' basis from the comfort of their own home.

We understand that in today's fast paced life, parents have responsibilities from work and children have increasingly been put under more and more academic pressure. This has made it very hard for parents to allocate the time needed to drop their child to their local Masjid where the child has to dedicate a further 2 hours of their day to study. Despite all of these pressures, parents still understand the need to connect their children with their Islamic identity. At the very least, a child should know the bare basics of Islam, which will aid them in navigating through the rest of their lives.

The Quran Hour is here to take this burden off of parents and provide children with the foundations of Islam by bringing 'after-school' Masjid classes to your home. Your child will not need to sit through 2-hour classes in a big classroom for a week, but will instead attend 2-3 30-minute classes each week, in which we will condense much of what is taught in the Masjid and teach the very important basics.

We will teach your child how to pronounce the words of the Quran in Arabic (Tajweed) which will eventually help them to read the Quran fluently. At the same time, your children will be learning essential Duas from the Quran that are needed for everyday use. We will also teach your child the necessary Surahs that they will need to use in their Salah.

Our curriculum is catered to equip young minds with the very basics of Islam founded on the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.

We do NOT teach Aqeeda, preferring instead to only teach children the basic tenants of Islam that are agreed upon by all Sunni Sects.

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*2 (one to one) lessons a week
*Monthly reports
*Gifts & Rewards

£38.00 / month with a free trial of 7 days
Standard +

*3 (one to one) lessons a week
*Monthly reports
*Gifts & Rewards

£48.00 / month with a free trial of 7 days

*5 group lessons a week
*Gifts & Rewards


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Course Overview
Main Learning Objectives
Subscription Details

We will teach 3 components in the after-school package:

  • Tajweed taught from Qaida Noorania
  • Surah memorisation from Juz Amma
  • Duas for daily activities

We have separated the course into 3 stages, each of which is of a higher grade than the last. By the end of the 3rd stage, your child will have learned the necessary foundations of reading the Quran fluently, and they will have memorised enough texts (Duas and Surahs) to facilitate their core Islamic practices such as the Salah.

Before starting the programme, your child will be assessed to see which stage they will start on.

Monthly reports

Reports will be provided every month so that you are aware of your child’s progress. On the report you will also be able to see what objectives and goals your child needs to achieve to proceed to the next stage.

Please note that we provide medals on each report to signify the achievement of your child. Each medal holds a specific number of points, which are then tallied up every month until your child reaches a certain point threshold that allows him/her to win prizes!


Developing a good understanding of Tajweed with practical application.
Memorising Surahs which are necessary for Salah
Memorising essential 'Duas'

Packages are split in to two categories; Standard and Express.


This will be a 3-day package on the days of your choosing. Classes are 30 minutes each.

This package will be £48.00/month (£7.50/hr)

Standard +

This will be a 2-day package on the days of your choosing. Classes are 30 minutes each.

This package will be £38.00/month (£7.50/hr)


This will be a 5 day package from Monday to Friday. Classes are 30 minutes each.

This package will be £30.00/month (£3.00/hr)

You may cancel anytime.

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