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Salam there! Although we have tutors, we as the The Quran Hour also teach children the Quran. We have qualifications in teaching autistic children as well as children with other learning difficulties. We know it isn't something everyone can do so we have stepped up and filled in that spot!

Become a Quran Hour Tutor

If you are tutor and would like to join The Quran Hour team fill out the form below, uploading a copy of your CV, and we'll be in contact with you shortly to dicuss your application.
Tutor Application Form

Maximum file size: 4MB

GDPR Compliance
We will keep a copy of any documents that you upload via this form (e.g. CV's) for the purposes of reviewing potential tutors. For more information about how your data is used by The Quran Hour please read our Privacy Policy.

Proceeds go to Charity

We are involved in charities that make a difference for those children that are less fortunate than ours! Click here for more information.
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