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Aya Ashraf Hussein

I was born in Egypt to a family of ijaza holders of various Quran recitations. I graduated from the Suaz Canal universirty where I graduated in English translation and interpretation. My childhood passion of Quran coupled with learning the English language at an advanced level took me on the journey of teaching the Quran to young children.
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Ahmed Eltayoury

I am a 22 year old aspiring Doctor and on the journey to fulfil this goal, I have managed to gain vital knowledge and qualifications in Quran recitation such as an Ijaza in Hafs Asim, Al-Jazariah and Tuhfatul Athfal. This makes me an expert in the field of tajweed and in Quran recitation in general. Having equipped myself with these qualifications my urge to teach was also manifested thus taking me on a journey on teaching children and beginners how to read the Quran the correct way. My passion lies in teaching and bringing value in to the lives of my fellow Muslims so it will be a pleasure to teach your children the Quran inshallah!
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Asmaa Mahmoud

I have been an avid learner of the Quran since a young age. I attended Al-Azhar Primary and High school where I learned to perfect my Quran recitation. This sparked my interest and I pursued learning the Quran and Islamic studies to a point that I decided to teach it. Teaching the Quran is my passion. I look forward to teaching your child what I have learned over the years, inshallah!
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Eman Ahmed

I am an Egyptian born Female Quran teacher. I have an Ijaza in teaching the Quran in the way of asim. I have a great passion in teaching children as I have been teaching little kids for over 10 years. I look forward to teaching your children.
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Eman Abozaid

Hi there! I am an Arabic translator and a Quran teacher from Egypt. I have a lot of experience in translating Arabic in to English. I have worked for many agencies. I then transitioned in to teaching Arabic and more specifically, teaching Tajweed to children. I have trained and managed to qualify as a certified Quran teacher and since then teaching has been my passion. I look forward to teaching your children!
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Hi! Are you looking for someone who can teach your children in a fun yet effective way? Well I am the right tutor for you. I have many years of experience teaching little children and to top it off, I have Ijazas that have been certified esteemed scholars. I look forward to teaching your children!
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Khadija Al Adawey

Salam! I am a qualified Quran teacher who has immense experience in teaching very young children. I am of the mindset that if 3-4 year olds can learn the English alphabet, then they can easily learn the Arabic alphabet! My line of expertise makes it easy for young mind to understand and learn Arabic in an fun and engaging way. I look forward to teaching your children.
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Rumaysa Yusuf

I am a Quran teacher from Egypt. I have learned the art of the fusha dialect from a very young age. I have Ijaza in teaching the Quran and I especially specialise in teaching young kids. I look forward to teaching your children!
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Hager Abdelmotaal

Salam! I am an Egyptian who has learnt the Quran and how to recite it the correct way since I was a child. I also have two years of teaching non-native Arabic speakers online and 4 years of teaching Arabic students face to face. I also have a ijaza so I am qualified in teaching the Quran. I look forward to teaching your child/children with The Quran Hour.
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The Quran Hour

Salam there! Although we have tutors, we as the The Quran Hour also teach children the Quran. We have qualifications in teaching autistic children as well as children with other learning difficulties. We know it isn't something everyone can do so we have stepped up and filled in that spot!
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Proceeds go to Charity

We are involved in charities that make a difference for those children that are less fortunate than ours! Click here for more information.
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