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3 very common mistakes people make when reciting the Quran

As Muslims we are all encouraged to read the Quran. It is the book of Islam and the word of God. When we read the Quran we are also encouraged to read it the right way.

Many of us read the Quran the incorrect way and in this blog, I will be highlighting the three common mistakes we make when reading the Quran.

Starting the Quran by seeking refuge with Allah from the Satan

If one has started the Quran, reading Basmallah is not necessary. However, reading ''Audhu billahi minashaitanir rajeem'' should be read first and foremost. The meaning of this is ''I seek refuge in Allah from the outcast Shaitan.''

In Surah Nahl ayah 98 it says, “So when you recite the Qur’an, [first] seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the expelled [from His mercy].” From this verse, reciting Auzubillah is important.

Heavy Letters

There are 7 heavy letters in the Arabic language (خ ص ض غ ط ق ظ ) These 7 heavy letters are pronounced with a ''full-mouth'' so you must pronounce them as though you have a ball in your mouth. Please see this video made by The Quran Hour to get a better idea.

Stopping at the right times

When you see a small ''Laam Alif'' (لا ) in between verses you must carry on and not stop. The same goes for when you see a small ''Meem'' (م) but the opposite must be done where you MUST stop. By not doing the previous mentioned, it can alter the meaning of the verse. It is common for many people to think that they must stop at every small symbol they see in the Quran.

Final thoughts

You will be surprised with how much there is to learn in order to read the Quran properly. It is very important that you and your children practice. The Quran Hour is an institute that will help to improve your children's recitation by teaching the Quran online.

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