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Tips on how to incorporate the Quran and Islam during the Christmas holidays

Children are breaking up for Christmas and during this period, a lot is said in the name of Christianity and Christmas in general.

As Muslims, we know that these teachings aren't from Islam however, in the midst of all the lights and 'xmas fever' it is a great opportunity for us to teach our children more about Islam and the Quran. In this article, we will give you some tips on what you can do over the Christmas holidays to incorporate Islam and the Quran.

The Life of Jesus (Esa) In Islam

Christians celebrate Christmas as they believe Jesus was born on the 25th of December. As Muslims, we don't believe this however, as it is a time where your children will hear a lot about Jesus in school, it is a great opportunity for you to tell the life story of Jesus in Islam. Children will be able to connect and their interests will peak as it is the talk of the holidays.

Translation of Surah Maryam

During Christmas, along with Jesus, Mary mother of Jesus is also spoken about extensively. There are songs and carols about Mary however these are all from Christian traditions. The Muslim tradition has another take on Mary. Christmas is a great time to read Surah Maryam and to present the translation of the Surah to your children.

The Seerah of Prophet Muhammad

A time where Christians are revering Jesus, we should remind our children about the most beloved person of all, the prophet Muhammad SAW. Along with the story of Jesus, we should take this opportunity to tell the story of the Prophet Muhammad; It is essential our children are taught the Seerah as Muhammad SAW was the perfect human.

Final words

We should use the Christmas holidays as an opportunity to teach our children and families the beauty of Islam. During Christmas, The Quran Hour teaches its students the life of Jesus as per the Islamic tradition. It is vital that such holidays are used as an opportunity to bring our families together through Islam and the Quran.

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