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Online platforms that teach children the Quran are needed now more than ever!

It’s the age of the internet where most day to day things and activities are being done online. This means a lot of tasks are done from the comfort of one’s home and Quran tutoring is one of them.

In this article we will be discussing why online platforms teaching children the Quran are needed now more than ever.


Online Quran classes are all conducted online. That means one can access them from anywhere in the world. This is a huge benefit as it allows flexibility and convenience which a normal madrassa can not provide. Learn from home or from the hotel room at your holiday destination.

Better teachers

Online Quran lessons allow for a better pool of tutors for you to pick fro . A madrassa has fixed tutors who haven’t got the qualifications say an online Egyptian teacher has.


Most online Quran classes are conducted one to one. This allows for tutors to focus on the child’s strengths and weaknesses. At a madrassa all classes are conducted in groups which means there is less focus on the child.

Final words

Online Quran programmes are now a reality which need to be taken advantage of. The benefits outweigh the cons. Join a reputed Quran institute so that your child or children can remain in touch with their religion.

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