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How natural disasters should bring us closer to Allah and the Quran

Earthquakes are a stark reminder of our vulnerability as humans. However one of the biggest eye openers is that they are a big reminder of how we should turn back to Allah.

Recently, we have all heard the news of the earthquakes in Turkey. In this article, we will discuss how such incidences should bring us back to Islam and the Quran.

Reminder of the Day of Judgement

A natural disaster in of itself isn't necessarily a sign of the day of judgement however, recurring natural disasters are. In the past 20 years, we have had 4 major earthquakes ; Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and Japan. In terms of natural disasters this is very frequent and so it is understood that it is a sign of the day of judgement. If so, then it is a wake up call for us to return to Islam. Muslims have to see this as a sign from Allah for us to pick the Quran up and start practicing the religion of Islam.

Reminder of death

A devastating earthquake like the one in Turkey should remind us all how weak and vulnerable we are. No matter our age, death can come anytime. In these times, we should take the opportunity and gather as a family and remember Allah and his religion of Islam.

Helping the weak and needy

In such an instance like an earthquake, we should take the opportunity to help those who have been effected. We can all do this by donating, physically helping rescue teams or even reading the Quran and making a Dua to Allah to help the effected people.

Understanding your blessings

When there is a disaster that you have heard of, always say alhamdulillah and count your blessings. Pray to Allah and show him gratitude for keeping your life intact.

Final thoughts

The remembrance of Allah is something that should be practiced daily. However, catastrophes like the ones in Turkey should help to bring us closer to Allah and the Quran. If your child is not able to read the Quran, you can always sign them up to The Quran Hour for online Quran classes.

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