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Online Quran teacher vs face to face teacher

Online teaching has become very prominent in todays age. As the internet becomes a more central part of our lives, many things have become more convenient through online platforms.

Teaching the Quran is one of them. In this article, we will discuss the difference between being taught by an online Quran teacher and face to face teaching.


Driving or walking to masjid is time consuming. Children return from school exhausted and are then expected to gear up and travel again and sit through hours of more lessons. This has had an effect on the Muslim community as professional working parents have opted to leave their children out of the masjid altogether. Online Quran teaching has solved this issue where now children can learn from the comfort of their own homes. No more time is being wasted which has increased efficiency.

Quality teaching

Living in the West, you just wont find teachers like the teachers in Egypt who have learnt the pronunciation of the Quran in institutes that are world renowned. Online Quran teaching can get your child connected to a very qualified Egyptian teacher who can teach them the correct way of reading.


Face to face teaching will cost you twice as much as an online Quran class. The minimum wage is £9 an hour in the UK, whereas you can pay half that ammount for someone in Egypt.

Less control

The downside of online Quran teaching is the lack of presence. Having a present teacher puts the child in a more focused frame of mind and also allows the tutor to communicate even better. Online Quran teaching lacks this attribute however, due to the likeness of children playing on iPads , this is quickly changing.

Final Thoughts

For children who have school and parents who are busy working, online Quran teachers are a far better choice than face to face learning. However, if you need your child to learn intensively , we would recommend face to face learning.

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