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How parents can encourage their children to read the Quran

Making the Quran a daily part of your life is essential for Muslim families however we live in a time where life can get in the way. We will list a few things you can do to help encourage your children to read the Quran.

Join an online Quran class

If its too much of a hassle to pick and drop your child off to the Madrassa, then there are alternatives. Online Quran classes are available and are in some ways a better alternative than Madrassas. Children tend to get tired after school and find making their way to the masjid very tiring. An online Quran class helps as children can start learning from their homes!

Translate the Quran

Have a day during the week where you read the Quran with your children and then translate what you have read. Try to read a Surah or a passage where a story is being narrated. Stories help to keep children engaged and will peak the children's interests.

Practice what you preach!

Make sure to be making Quran reading a habit of yours so that your children see how important it is in your life. Actions speak louder than words especially with children as they are very impressionable.

Reward your children

Rewarding is the best mechanism to get your children to do something. When your child knows they may be rewarded for reading the Quran, it will encourage them to read. The Quran Hour has adopted this system by rewarding children who meet certain score thresholds.

Final thoughts

Make sure to get your children on board with reading the Quran as it is vital for their future. A life without a connection with Islam is an empty one. We live in a time where the possibility of this is very high so make sure to get on board and try the tips above.

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