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How you can teach your child to read the Quran from scratch

Learning to read the Quran isn't as hard as it seems. The Quran was narrated in Arabic so essentially, learning to read the Quran is like learning to read any other language.

The strange phenomenon is that the Quran is probably the only book in the world that is read but hardly understood. It is in fact the beauty of the Quran as it can really only be honoured by reading it the way it was narrated. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has mentioned how reading the Quran itself is a reward, thus why many Muslims do the bare minimum and learn to read it whilst not understanding it. In this article, we will give you tips on how you can teach your child the Quran from scratch.

Educate through listening

Start the process of teaching to read the Quran by playing Arabic alphabet songs and cartoons. This is accessible on free platforms such as Youtube. Kids don't learn like adults. Their attention span is very low thus it is important we use other methods other than direct teaching.


There are many books that children can learn from but we recommend Noor Al Bayaan. This is commonly known as a 'Qaida' in the subcontinent. It is a good way to learn to read from the very basics. It teaches the child how to read the Quran without the Tajweed. It is essential to make the words out before getting in to the technical aspects of the recitation.

Fun activities

Teaching the Quran should be linked to positivity and fun. Children are very receptive to positive and fun activities so when they associate the Quran with positivity, they will look forward to learning from it. Children can participate in Quran challenges and games that include the Arabic alphabet.

Final Thoughts

Teaching children takes patience and focus. It also requires one to use interactive methods in order to fully engage the child. If implemented correctly, you will find that the child will not only learn, but will enjoy what they are learning, and with the Quran that is the ultimate aim ; to learn and love it.

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