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New Year New Me! What you can do to improve your child's Quran reading in 2023

2023 is upon us and the 'new year new me' trend is about to start. People look to join the gym, lose weight and make goals for their careers.

The new year is also a great time to set goals for your children to improve their Quran. In this article we will give tips that will help to improve your children's Quran reading in 2023.

Join an Online Quran institute

The best and most easiest way to start your child's journey in 2023 is to join an online Quran institute. Online Quran classes are easy to access as they are conducted over Zoom or other online portals. This allows your child to learn from home with no hassle and gives them access to the best teachers in the world. An online Quran class is ideal for children who do not know how to read Arabic. Short one to one classes cater to children's short attention spans and gives them the right time to understand and remember what they have learnt.

Listen to Quran in the home rather than music!

We are attracted to that which we listen to. If the home has music, children will be drawn towards it. If the house has the Quran playing regularly , the children will be drawn towards it. We have a tendency to sing songs after listening to them on repeat. If you have the Quran on repeat, you will realise that your children will start to read out loud whilst going about their day. Its is a perfect way to encourage your children to start reading the Quran and get better at it so they can mimic their favourite reciter.

Lead by action

The best way to get someone to follow your wishes, is to lead by example. Telling someone to do something when you aren't doing it yourself isn't a good look. Children are influenced heavily by their parents actions. Make it a habit to start reading the Quran yourself in front of your children in 2023.

Final Words

2023 is around the corner, and although it is an opportunity for us to set new goals and goals that we have unable to achieve in 2022, it is also a stark reminder that time is limited. Make the most of this time and prepare your children and yourself for the inevitable. Good habits need to be implemented and what better habit is there than having your whole family read the Quran regularly!

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