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What you can do to better your online Quran class

When someone embarks on a journey to gain knowledge, they have to make sure that they are doing certain things so that they can benefit as much as possible.

The same applies for an online Quran class that you may be taking. In this article we will be giving tips that will help to better your online Quran experience.

Respect your tutor

One of the most important aspects of gaining knowledge is to take great care of the one that is giving that knowledge to you, especially a Quran teacher. This helps you to value what you are learning and makes your tutor go that extra mile to help teach you as they feel appreciated.

Take notes and revise what you have learnt

Most classes only take place a couple or a little more a week. It is very difficult to take in and understand everything you have learnt in a lesson in one sitting. Therefore, it is important that you take notes which you can then use to revise during the days and times you don't have online Quran classes.

Learning space

Make sure not to conduct your online Quran classes in any random area. Find a clean, quiet area where you can learn. By doing so, it helps one get in to the mindset of learning and taking their classes seriously. Just because you are at home, it doesn't mean you can conduct your class anywhere.

Take care of your needs

Most online Quran classes only take place for a short period of time, so its important you attend the bathroom and take care of your needs before starting your classes. Moreover, eat before your class so you aren't hungry during your class. Being hungry can take your focus away. Also make sure not to eat too much before a class too! This will help to avoid any obstruction in a class and allows the class to flow so you can learn more efficiently.

Final words

If you want to better your Tajweed in your online Quran class, make sure to take the above points on board. Just signing up to an online Quran institute is not going to help you progress and meet your desired goals.

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