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The problems with online Quran classes

We have been open as an institute for a while now. Long enough for us to understand the problems that online Quran classes can have.

Sure, we believe for the most part, an online Quran class is beneficial however this article will be focusing on the problems online Quran classes entail.

Lack of presence

Being present is an important recipe for a student to learn. A sense of authority is essential for a student to take his or her lessons seriously. Furthermore, it allows the tutor to also take the lesson with more interest as having an actual human in front of you in your presence gives one a sense of stronger responsibility . Therefore, it is very essential for online tutors to make up for this disadvantage by creating a strong relationship with the student and also engaging in different teaching methods.

Technical problems

An online Quran class is entirely dependant on technology. If a tutor or student has bad WI-FI, then the whole lesson will be ruined. This is why it is very essential for institutes to vet tutors thoroughly and make sure the internet connection of the tutor is strong.

Teaching Quality

There are many tutors in the online sphere. You will be surprised to know that most of these tutors have no qualifications and some don't know how to read the Quran properly themselves! Therefore, make sure to ask for qualifications when looking for an online Quran teacher or if that's too time consuming or you do not know how to vet them, then apply through a trusted Quran institute like Studio Arabiya or Jannat-Ul-Quran.

Final Thoughts

Teaching and learning the Quran requires a lot of responsibility. Therefore, it is vital that all issues are looked in to so that students are given the highest quality of teaching. The Quran Hour has made it their priority to teach the Quran online in the best possible way.

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